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International Playness Academy provides on-line and on-site learning opportunities for kindergarten and school teachers, youth leaders, trainers of all kinds and caring parents around the world. 
We cater to awakened individuals who prioritize a life-long-learning educational experiences in the field of active, healthy and playful living.

Bringing Education, Active Life and Kids Play together

  • More than 5.000 kindergarten and school-teachers and sports coaches have already benefited from playness tools.

  • Boost your teaching creativity, flexibility and fun engagement to unleash organic learning potential of the children.


Physical Literacy - a must see for parents and kindergarten teachers

Great video demonstration of natural forms of movement and its implication in kindergarten. And a bonus video session from dr. Hosta.
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Playness Time for your Home and Kindergarten - free trial

Sneak peek into the fastest growing platform for active childhood. 
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100+ video activities for kindergarten kids

Well arranged video library for a quick activity reminder or a new idea for children from 2 to 7. 
1 year membership!
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Playness Pedagogy Fundamentals - Certified Course

Learn how to lead children through an exploration of the embodied experience that will last for a lifetime. Lead them through playful and engaging physical activities to boost their emotional and cognitive development. Learn how to playfully implement more movement and learning opportunities for children from 3 to 9. 
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 I enjoyed how you challenged us to think, feel and act in a playful way. It sounds so simple. Finally someone with a down-to-earth interpretation of science. Loved the games we played. 
Congrats. The best seminar I ever attended. You provide not only knowledge of what to do with children but of what to do with ourselves as well. Deep teaching. 
Wow. Those tutorials are really cream on the top. Very helpful! Though, I needed some weeks to realize the value of theory as well. Playness time!
Playness method made me realize that children have to have fun while being physically active in order to love doing it. You opened my eyes. I was falsely taught that activity should be more like a serious drill. 
You rock man. Playness compass and 5 flowers method are really unique and very practical. Being a sport coach Playness makes me reconsider some of my approaches.  
So easy. Following the 5 flower Playness methodology makes it so much easier for the teacher and allows more expression of child's creativity and curiosity. I became much better observer and can focus more on children with additional needs. 

dr. Milan Hosta, Founder

Dr. Hosta is an internationally recognized expert in philosophy and pedagogy of sport, specializing in the domain of health and social inclusion through sport and physical education. Member of UNICEF international working group on Safeguarding for Children in Sport, and EU Think tank Sport & Citizenship. He is also a member of the expert working group for preparation of teaching materials for children and youth on sportsmanship at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Slovenia.

Dr. Hosta has consulted via EU and private funded initiatives over 5000 kindergartens, schools, and sports clubs in Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.  

He was with the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Sport and with the Applied Kinesiology University of Primorska. He received additional trainings at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Oslo (Norway), the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin (Germany), and the International Olympic Academy in Athens (Greece).  He was an invited national delegate at the Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy in Iowa (USA); invited speaker at 100th anniversary of British Olympism in London (UK), and a key note in conferences in Ankara (Turkey) and Kiew (Ukraine). 

Besides Playness he is a passionate explorer of integral breathing techniques and biohacking tools for the service of well-being and conscious living.

Message by dr. Hosta to Playness community:
"As humanity we move together, we play together, we learn together, we stay together, we feel together, we grow together, we flow together, we glow together!"