Playness Pedagogy Fundamentals - Certified Course by Playness Academy

Playness Pedagogy Fundamentals - Certified Course

Heartful and mindful integral education is the only way forward.
Join us on the mission!
Become a Certified Playness Coach!
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What's in it for me?

  • 20 videos and 1 pdf file;
  • improve your understanding on child’s development;
  • learn about 4 important pillars to create playful learning environment using Playness Compass;
  • learn innovative Playness 5 flowers methodology;
  • boost your child’s self-awareness and self-confidence;
  • gain practical knowledge from an expert;
  • see priceless real situation tutorials;
  • receive newsletter with updates and more.

Excellent opportunity for teachers, youth leaders, trainers, and caring parents!

What's included?

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Welcome words from dr. Hosta
Born Movers - Lifetime Learners
Message from dr. Katrin Koenen
Message from dr. Richard Bailey
Message from dr. Rose-Marie Repond
Importance of Physical Activity
Inactivity Timebomb and the way out
Physical literacy
Vitamin Nature
Play and Playfulness
What is Play?
How to Encourage Play?
On Play and Playfulness
Understanding Children's Play
Social skills
Social Intelligence
Playfulness and Togetherness
Body & Senses
Senses, sensitivity and feelings
Playness methodology
Innovative Playness 5 Flower methodology
Playness Compass.pdf
906 KB
Storytelling - Riders & Horses
Tutorials, Tips & Tricks
Mirror Neurons at Work
Rough and Tumble Play
Playing with the Hulahoop
Playing with the big rope