100+ video activities for kindergarten kids by Playness Academy

100+ video activities for kindergarten kids

With this video library any kindergarten teacher becomes a physical education teacher and every parent becomes a personal trainer of their kid.
Activities added on monthly basis for no extra charge!
PE teacher at your hand!
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What's included?

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Follow the line
Tunnel for the ball
Ball manipulations
Ball manipulations - 2 years old
Group work - cognitive and coordination
Hulahoop manipulations
Group work with parachute
Parachute and ball manipulation
Hide and seek
Guess who is missing
Be patient, precise and feel it
Fly as helicopter
Playing with chairs
Playness song
Crawling in group under the desk
Hulahoop - various plays
Yoga in pairs - too difficult - but you can try anyway ;-)
Running backwards - very demanding task
Ball handling - not seeking for a new NBA Luka Dončić
Hold the ball with feet
Cloth cleaning floor - 2 years old
Pulling in pairs - holding stick
Step on the chair
Jumping off the desk
Jumping by the chair
Rope pulling game at the end
Shoulder stand - just trying, exploring the body
Crawling for shoulder strength
Hold the ball up with feet
Build the tunnel
Crawling on and under the bench
Bridge backwards
Catching cloth with the foot
Walking on the cubes
2 years old in playroom- so sweet
Yoga balance game
Balance the plane - yoga
Walking on the bench
Show me the tree
Balance tasks in groups
The dog peeing
Walking using hoops 1
Walking backwards in pairs with hoops
Wide walking and more - 3 years old
Walking the ball
Horses - storytelling for motivation
Traditional and folks dances
Safety first - let's explore the neighbourhood
Walking the ball over bench and roll for fun
Running over hurdles
Running with a transparent cloth on the face
Chasing dragon (some animal) tails
Run to your chair
Run around chairs, train game
Follow the teacher - 2 years old
Fun run
Paced running and extra
Running games with cloth (tail) - 2 years old
Running with cloth - 2 years old
Save me my friend - chasing game
Jumping in rhythm
2 years - begginer level
4 years old - advanced in playroom
Jumping off the desk
Jumping by the chair
Jumping over the thick rope
Birdie jump from the bench
Ball between the legs
Jumping and cross fit
Pushing the cloth with a stick
Pull and push along the line
Pulling a friend with a stick
Climbing on the desk and turn to go down
Climbing the steep path and roots of the trees
Simple crawling
Crawling forward on the back - advanced level
Above the cubes/rocks
Using a chair as an obstacle
Crawling in group under the desk
Advanced crawling under the chair
Be the snake
Ideas for crawling with cloth
Over hurdles
Crawling through tunnel
Throwing and catching the cloth - begginer level
Catching cloth with foot
Passing the hoop
Throwing - begginer - 2 years
Throwing - try with both hands
Advanced level ball handling
Example of analytical approach
Learning to kick - begginers
Kicking at home
Roll forward with assistance - tutorial
Roll over Beethoven
Rolling and travelling
One leg in the hoop - spinning
Walking in circle
Spin around like a star
Cool down
Breathing tree
Massage with ball